Rhiwgarn Infants School – The First Charette


In April the Trebanog Project reopened Rhiwgarn Infants School for a series of free workshops and events, and what an amazing experience it was! We were overwhelmed by all the people who came along and took part, by all the people we met, by the creativity and fun and the connections that were made. Each day many people poured through the doors – from grandparents to young people who’d attended the school until it closed a few years ago. We learned how to throw pots, how to make models, we shared meals together and we took part in workshops thinking about Trebanog and its future.

An important part of what we were thinking about was a place in Trebanog called the Dingle. An interesting piece of land, mostly empty but significant to Trebanog, the community shared a lot of their thoughts about it, and about Trebanog and the school we were in with us, and especially the artists Owen Griffiths and Nils Norman, and Lucy and Jorge Orta.

Afterwards the artists spent some time considering all the things that the community had shared with them, and coming up with designs for interventions on the Dingle in response. But another, very important thing became clear as part of our time at Rhiwgarn Infants School – that Trebanog is special, and so are the people who live there, and that meeting together at the school and making things happen feels important.

Watch this space…


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